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5 Tools and Software's to Increase Effectiveness for Small Business Owners.

As a small business owner, you most probably won’t have the funds to hire staff to do a bunch of stuff for you at the beginning. You are your CEO, marketing strategist, social media manager, sales rep, tech support… everything. So, since you can't afford to get people to do these things for you and the fact that your business is still growing and your supply and production process is still something you can handle on your own, you need some tools and software’s to make your business more effective and even offer your customers a better shopping experience.

1. Canva: Canva is a design app that comes with pre-designed templates you can use for your online presence. Very easy. All you just have to do is change the colors and fonts into your brand colors and input the information you want to pass across. Many independent social media managers in different industries curate templates and sell at very affordable prices to help small business owners with their design needs. No need to hire someone to do your designs.

2. Wix or Squarespace: You need to have a website or at least a landing page to help prospective clients know what your business is about and what you are offering. You could use any of these two. They are cloud-based website builders that include web hosting and design services. They make it really easy for users to build their site without either having specialized skills themselves or having to hire web developers.

3. Freshbooks or Quickbooks: They are both really good accounting software’s primarily for small and medium-sized businesses. They help you create invoices and receipts with automated systems to send to your client’s email. They also calculate your sales tax, track your expenses, run reports and more.

4. Mailchimp: Email marketing is a very lucrative way of advertising your business and a very easy platform you can use is Mailchimp. It can help you share information across so many people and encourage people to interact with your brand, get to know you better and eventually buy from your small business.

5. Planoly: Maybe due to your busy schedule, you can’t be consistent with posting on social media, Instagram and Facebook mostly, you could use Planoly. Planoly’s auto-post feature allows you to first schedule your content and gives you the option to enable auto-posting, which means no matter how busy you are that day, your Instagram posts are still being delivered to your audience when you have them scheduled out to. No need for Manual posting.

I hope these apps give you enough satisfaction as it has given us, follow and like for more tips.

Until Next time, Bye.

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