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Hey people, true our words, all month long we are going to be speaking to Black-Female-owned businesses in the UK because if we don't support each other, who's gonna?

So today I have a very interesting lady here with me, her name is Alia Varzea, Editor in Chief and owner of She's going to be sharing her journey with us and giving us front row seats as to what it means to be a black woman in business in the UK. So sit tight, grab some Chilled Cola or some Hot Cocoa, depending on wherever you are in the world or your time zone and be ready to be informed.

Oby: Hey Alia, please tell me a little about you and how Creative Alia came to be? Alia: My name is Ália and I actually grew up in Lisbon, Portugal for most of my life. Creative Alia started almost by accident when I noticed that most products in the market didn’t cater to the black and brown. It started with homemade recipes given as gifts to family and friends which eventually turned into a business. Oby: Wow, so please tell me, how has the brand grown since you started. Alia: The brand had many ups and downs and finally was reinvented in February 2020. Creative Alia is back and better than ever before! We now offer not only haircare and skincare products but also have handmade hair accessories and merchandise such as hoodies and t-shirts with very relatable positive messages for the underrepresented African diaspora! Oby: Yes girl, we are definitely here for the representation. so please tell me, are there any bottlenecks you've faced being a black woman in business in the UK? Alia: As a black woman that came to the UK as an adult I sometimes feel like the main obstacle is feeling out of place even among my fellow black counterparts. Oby: Wow, and what keeps you going despite these difficulties or obstacles you face? Alia: Thinking about those who actually love the products we provide and how much difference it has made in their lives keeps me going and being motivated even more! Oby: That's the spirit.(laughs) Finally what is the most outrageous feedback you have received from a customer? Alia: I guess maybe about a certain fragrance that was not to their liking, at least it made me realize how important samples are!

Oby: Exactly, and for us to grow as a business, we should be able to welcome constructive criticism. Thank you so much Alia. I am definitely rooting for you. Byeee.

I don't know about you guys but I've really enjoyed my interview with Alia. If you could please repost, share and tell your community about her business and please, buy what she's selling. This week I charge you to buy from a female black-owned business, we only rise by lifting one another.

To get in touch with Creative Alia, please click on any of the links below. Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Pinterest:

Until next time, Bye.

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