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How your business can make the most of Valentine's day.

It's the season of love and the team over here at BBN is really excited, me particularly. As I write this post, I have my valentine playlist on repeat. Lol.

Any celebration, whatever it might be, is a great opportunity to market your business to both to old and new customers or clients, whether you offer a product or service based business. It's also an opportunity to make that money fam. So if these are your aims or objectives, please settle in and read through.

  1. Give some discounts or 2 for 1 deals: It's the season of love so 2 for 1 deals will appeal to your audiences. So if you have a clearance sale or complimenting deals, this is the time to start preparing them.

  2. Send some charming Emails/valentine day cards: As valentine day draws closer, you could send out newsletters to your network. Maybe highlight 5 dinner date ideas or create a valentine playlist for them. Also when sending out your products to your customers, add a cheesy valentine note wishing them a happy valentine. Now don't make this salesy, this is just an avenue to put your business in the hearts of your buyers, let them know you care for more than their money.

  3. Add some romantic flair to your company's social media accounts: If you take time to post on Instagram on valentines day, you will stand out amongst many other businesses. It could be a simple valentine day post or post on your stories some love quotes or something. Now your overall design and aesthetics still needs to be preserved but try to make your designs and stories lovey dovey.

  4. You could ask your followers to send in their love stories and a lovely picture. Feature them on your stories and archive them as highlights on your bio.

  5. Partner up with a company: Pair products from both companies that work well together and give a discount code.

I hope you make the most of these tips this valentine. We wish you a love-filled valentine.



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