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Hey small business owner, I hope you are hanging in there and being patient with the process. Remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Running a small business or a start-up is not easy and I say this from experience. Everyone expects you to know what you are doing, bring in the big jobs and still create a healthy work life balance. It can be so draining but one thing that makes the process easier is acquiring knowledge. When you have the right information, you can run with it and it will produce the right results.

At this point of your business, your capital base maybe low or next to nothing but you still have to aggressively market your business. How do you do that? Here are some inexpensive marketing ideas you can implement in your small business today.

  1. Social Media: Put out strategic content relating to your business that can convert leads into customers. Make use of all the resources made available to you. Do sponsored ads, apply for Instagram shop, advertise on pages with more following to drag traffic to your business. etc.

  2. Get your systems in place: Before pouring time and little funds into your social media, you should have systems in place already, so you don't loose the traffic you've gained just because you don't have a landing page. So the first thing you should do is create a website or at least a landing page that has all your information and everything you have to offer, get a functioning email and phone number, identify the book-keeping software you would like to use and set it up, then you know you are ready to receive the outpouring that will come into your business.

  3. Network: Attend fairs, conferences and trade shows wearing a t-shirt for your business and interact with like minded people. This way you get to know more people and what those people are doing that is working for them, and you also get an opportunity to tell people about your business and encourage to purchase what you have to sell.

  4. Recognize your unique attribute and zero in on it: If as a wedding planner, your unique attribute is that you only plan intimate weddings or as a baker, you make vegan baked goods, zero in on it, let people know that you are an authority in that field. This would boost your chances of being patronized over another business who is everything to everyone.

  5. Finally, Reviews are Gold mines: Never underestimate the power of a good review. Always encourage your customers to drop a review on your website and refer you other people.

I hope you enjoyed reading this tips as much as I enjoyed curating them for you. If you like what you see, please like, share, comment and repost on your Instagram stories. Until next time, Bye.

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