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Meditation Music for Mental Health Awareness Week

Mental Health Awareness Week 2021 takes place from the 10th -16th May 2021; and we recognised how easy it can be in the business management & entrepreneurial sector to put your mental health aside and focus on the 'grind'. The burnout is real!

So we've created a playlist of calming and empowering music to remind you to find a moment for peace and mindfulness each day. Whether you take a minute to breathe, stretch, exercise or meditate in the mornings, this playlist reminds you to be grateful for all the amazing feats you have conquered in business so far and remind you that you are blessed and powerful enough to conquer the next!

Please checkout the tracklisting and links below; and comment your feedback. What song would you add to the list?

For more tips and advice regarding mental health support, please visit the Mental Health Awareness Week website.


  1. Beyonce - Bigger

  2. Londrelle - Gratitude

  3. Londrelle - Love Yourself (Heart Chakra Meditation)

  4. Toni Jones - The Present is Woman

  5. Londrelle - Honor Yourself (Solar Plexus Meditation)

  6. Tiana Major9 - What's Mine, Won't Miss Me

  7. Tiana Major9 - My Glass Is

  8. Londrelle - Express Yourself (Throat Chakra Meditation)

  9. Toni Jones - Worth Ethic

  10. Toni Jones - I'm Not Aunty O, I'm Me

  11. Toni Jones - Yay Coins

  12. Londrelle - Forgiveness (Meditation)

  13. Geminelle - Everything I Need

  14. Jhene Aiko - Trigger Protection Mantra

  15. Deepak Chopra - Divinity In Me

  16. Deepak Chopra - Empowerment

  17. Deepak Chopra - Fear

  18. Deepak Chopra - Judge Not Today

  19. Deepak Chopra - Nurturing

  20. Deepak Chopra - Presence

  21. Deepak Chopra - Exhale

Enjoy and Stay Present!

S x

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