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The Birth of BEECON: A Solution to Empower Black Entrepreneurs

Our journey to developing BEECON began with a clear vision sparked by the findings of the Black. British. In Business & Proud reports. In 2021, our research unveiled a significant challenge faced by Black entrepreneurs: the feeling of isolation and the difficulty in navigating a fragmented network of resources. The following year, our 2022 report reaffirmed this, highlighting an urgent need for a more cohesive support system.

It became evident that, despite the availability of fantastic resources, Black entrepreneurs were not accessing them easily, stating "Black businesses want to thrive, but clear signposting for where and how to access that support, with reassurance about the experts they will encounter, is vital for any initiatives from financial institutions to be successful." (BBIBP report 2021)

There was a glaring disconnect that needed bridging. With this in mind, we set out our collective call to action and embarked on a mission to create a solution that would transform the landscape for Black business owners.

Our first step was to engage with the community directly. We spoke with numerous entrepreneurs, gathering insights and identifying over 200 key organisations across the UK that were ready and eager to provide support. This collective effort laid the foundation for what would become BEECON.

BEECON, stands for Black Entrepreneurs Ecosystem Network, is a platform designed by the community, for the community. Its primary goal is to connect Black entrepreneurs with a wide array of ecosystem actors, providing seamless access to resources, opportunities, and support at every stage of their business journey. From startup advice to growth strategies, BEECON is tailored to meet the unique needs of Black business owners, ensuring they are no longer navigating their entrepreneurial paths alone.

BEECON also aims to serve as a collective voice for ecosystem actors, enabling them to amplify their opportunities to our wider community. By fostering communication and coordination among these organisations, BEECON maximises outputs for entrepreneurs and presents a unified voice for impactful change at institutional levels. This collaborative approach ensures that the needs and successes of Black entrepreneurs are effectively communicated and addressed, driving systemic progress and empowerment.

We are incredibly excited to introduce BEECON to you. This platform represents more than just a tool; it embodies a movement towards greater inclusivity and support within the Black business community. Stay tuned for the launch, and prepare to unlock the full potential of your business with BEECON.

For more detailed insights from our reports, you can explore the findings here, here, and here.

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