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Tis the Season! Connect Lounge

Welcome Networker's to this month's Connect Lounge edition. We are feeling festive and want to share our festive joy with you. We'll be sharing some useful business tips with our members on how to maximise business this season; but HERE, we relax, unwind and get into the spirit!

As a business owner, this time of year can be particularly stressful so important to take a step back and enjoy; and here are some of the thing's the BBN team have been getting into and enjoying in their down time! From albums, books to movie options; whether you're looking for a gift idea or to throw some tunes on while you decorate and cook - we've got you covered!

Check out our listings below:

  1. Still Over It! by Summer Walker - The dramas of Summer Walker mean it's easy to over look her talents but this album is not to be slept on. We love to watch her live performances of the album cuts like this clip from her performance of Unloyal, at the BET Soul Train Awards featuring our other fave, Ari Lennox.

2. Keep the Receipts by The Receipts Podcast

Described as 'all the conversations and advice you've had in the club toilet, finally in one place', this book is a celebration of the modern Black British woman's experience. Join your girl Tolly T, Audrey, and Milena Sanchez as they get super honest about their life experiences and lessons. From their different approaches to love to their wise advice on building strong friendships; from those conversations about sex we never have, to how to enjoy life as a Black woman or a woman of colour, The Receipts girls always keep it real, authentic and fiercely funny.

3. We've been watching new Netflix series The Smart Money Woman; and suggest you do the same. This Nigerian show based on the 2016 novel of the same name, by Arese Ugwu brings the drama and the business - And we love to see it! Add to your Netflix watchlist now.

4. We're guilty! We love the festive season; and nothing makes us feel

more festive than a BBN Littttmas playlist

blasting our festive favourites as we dance around the kitchen and the tree. Listen along on Spotify to all our melanated Christmas angels; and drop us a like if you like singing along.

5. And last but by no means least, we know a good Christmas movie is essential for every family get together. And while, The Best Man Holiday will always remain high on the watch list every year, we encourage you to get out and go support Black, British cinema with new release, Boxing Day

from Aml Ameen. Featuring an outstanding Black cast, its essential to show at the box office that this is the type of Black British feel-good representation we love to see on our screens. In Cinema's Now!

We hope you enjoy all of our recommendations.

Nobody does up the season like we do, the food, outfits, music and drinks; so we would love for you to drop your favourite things, tips and recipes below.

Until the next Connect Lounge, remember to relax, unwind and connect.

Season's Greetings,

Shari Leigh

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