A corporate event and media company, designed to strengthen business connections, financing and knowledge in the black community. Hosting annual conferences, expos, workshops, and networking events; while bringing you the latest news and engagement on social media. Showcasing  talent, professionalism and business!

Our Mission  

Who are we?  

Launched in September 2018, Black Business Network was created to address the disparity in the availability of tools, knowledge and strategic development required to progress black SME's in the UK.  
We are committed to the growth and maintenance of our business community; providing resources and safe space events which allow professionals and entrepreneurs alike the opportunity to establish meaningful business connections.   


“Why just black?”  

We’re usually asked this question before any other and here’s the answer: 
When discussing diversity and inclusion, 'BAME' or 'BME' is usually the focus; but it’s important to recognise that BAME is an umbrella term, used to reference an incredibly diverse group of people, each of whom have diverse issues to deal with.


The term BAME includes Asian Indian, Asian Chinese, White Polish and many other different ethnicities; but with such a wide range of people can one size really fit all? 

A new approach to Diversity and Inclusion! 

Here at Black Business Network we are taking a new and more impactful approach to diversity and inclusion by targeting the specific needs of the community we know and love.  

By addressing the individual gaps in knowledge we can tailor and detail our outputs to provide more effective solutions to black business issues. Creating a real and progressive change that a collective approach cannot!  

Diversity and inclusion is a huuuugge topic of discussion and we all have so much to do, so we encourage those from every community to engage with us to close the inequality gaps across every field.  

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