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The Start-Up Stories: ITLA Consultants

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Company Name: International Teaching Learning and Assessment (ITLA) Consultants

Company Bio: ITLA Consultants was founded on the ethos that every child, student or pupil where ever they are in the world, deserves to have an education. Education yes, but not just any education, but the highest standard of education any nation can offer. That education whether it is academic or non-academic is offered or imparted by institutions, instructors and of late parents (Post Covid), whom ITLA Consultants believes need to have the passion, skills, knowledge and resources to ensure children receive the high standards of education they deserve to enable them to have a better future.

Company Website:

Size (Employees): 2

Turnover: Generating Revenue

In Business Since: April 2021

What inspired you to start your business? I was not making the impact I wanted in main stream schools for black pupils due to several factors the main one being "the glass ceiling" My ideas, vision and passion passion to improve the level of education for black and minority groups' children was not being heard.

What were some of the main challenges you faced in setting up your business? Funding and finding information was difficult. I am still funding myself. Also being recognised and gaining trust from the British communities to offer the education the company wants to offer has been a challenge

How did you overcome these challenges? I persevered and I am still persevering. Learning from others and attending business coaching events has helped overcome some of the obstacles

What is one piece of advice you have learned that you would pass on to other entrepreneurs starting a business? Never give up on your vision. Never share your vision with people who are likely not to understand the vision as they are most likely to talk you out of pursuing the vision.

What has been a positive standout moment in your business journey? The business surviving for a year and getting to a point where it needs expanding.

What’s next for your business? Expansion is next, and helping many children achieve their life goals

Where do you want your business to be in five years? I want the business to start franchising so that the education Ethos is spread world wide especially to those place where it is difficult to access education.

What is your ultimate goal for the business? The ultimate goal for the business is to make enough revenue to enable children in remote areas access an education that will enable them to come out of poverty and gain them the same opportunities that the average child in the average household has.

Nominate another black-owned start-up that you would love to see in the “Start-up Stories”, and tell us why? Mary Kwaku (Business Coach)

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