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Last year, we showcased the power of action when we used our collective voices for the Black. British. In Business & Proud report. Bringing together over 800 future and current Black entrepreneurs across the country to share their experiences, and create the change we all want to see in our society. The findings and recommendations gave us a real kickstart to our goal of removing the barriers we face as entrepreneurs and how financial institutions can play a big part in the forward movement of this positive change; but there is still much to do to truly amplify and harness our collective power.


As a Black business owner it can feel like you’re singing from the same community hymn sheet, but somehow, you’re still the only one in the choir when it's time to take action. 18 % of our business owners said that community impact was a factor in starting their business; but it’s hard to make significant impact when we feel disconnected - we are still existing in silo. We have amazing community leaders, networking groups, media outlets and business influencers to be proud of; and this year Black. British. In Business & Proud wants to research & highlight that. It's time to build our ecosystem, get connected through those avenues; and show that we are united in purpose. It's time to share your voice.

The survey has now closed.
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Thanks for submitting!

The Black. British. In Business & Proud survey will take roughly 20 minutes to complete and will ask questions about the following:

  • Access to finance

  • Understanding what influences entrepreneurs

  •  Access to information

  • How to take action

The survey is slightly longer than usual, but it is crucial in helping us really understand the landscape for Black Entrepreneurs. We really value your time and participation.

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Download  the Black. British. In Business & Proud Report - Year 1
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