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A Great Evening Hearing from Local Businesses at Impact Brixton

Hi everyone!

We are excited to share with our experience at the "How to Pitch Your Business" event, hosted by Impact Brixton on the 31st March.

Firstly, we want to say a massive thank you to those from the network that were able to make it down to this fantastic event. We enjoyed meeting and hearing from you all, and rest assured we'll be putting on something special to reconnect with you again.

The house was jammed packed and was a great opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs. For early-stage founders to learn how to craft and deliver a compelling pitch that showcases your value proposition, your market potential and your competitive edge.

The panel was chaired by Impact Brixton founder, Gerald Vanderpuye and included our founder, Shari, and Jay Crawford of the Focus Academy. Shari spoke on her experiences of funding BBN with corporate clients, and getting comfortable with public speaking; while Jay shared expert tips on presenting and body language.

We then enjoyed presentations from six early-stage founders who were pitching for prizes, but the real value came from the real-time feedback they received from the panel. Something that benefited all the entrepreneurs in the room. A truly inspiring session.

BBN are grateful for the invitation and the support from Impact Brixton and the other speakers. We found this to be of so much value that we will be partnering with Impact Brixton to deliver more events like this in the future.

The event was also streamed on Instagram Live to give those at home a chance to enjoy and watch along as well. Be sure to follow @impactbrixton and @blackbusinessnetworkuk to ensure you don't miss the next one.

Stay connected with us to receive updates on this and more like-minded people who are passionate about making a positive impact in the world.

Thank you for reading and enjoy some footage from the event below!

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